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I'm looking for a recommendation for a microwave cookbook. I want it to be about what the microwave is best at, not just how to hack normal stuff to work in the microwave. Perhaps a book on how to do things that are only possible with a microwave.
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Not a cookbook, but Mark Bittman wrote an article about what a microwave is best at cooking.
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I'd check out Barbara Kafka's cookbooks. She has recipes that she claims work best in microwaves, like risotto. What I picked up from her was cooking herbed salmon in the microwave, which results in some tender flaky fish. My problem with her recipes is that she often uses stuff I think someone who relies on a microwave is unlikely to own like fancy ramekins and food processors.
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That Bittman article was rather interesting!

I used to use the microwave similarly, for an easy alternative to parboiling vegetables. never tried the Eggplant thing - it sound good though as it does often end up too oily / greasy when you cook it in a pan or oven.

Michelin Starred Chef's Bacon in the Microwave I used to do this a lot too. great for that quick Bacon Sanga in the Morning - and no mess!
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Yes, Kafka's Microwave Gourmet is a great book that everyone with a microwave should own. I will never make risotto in a pan again.
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A microwave is the king of "steamed" vegetables. Buy one of those microwave steamer bowl (there is an awesome one that does rice, popcorn, and steaming - wish I could find it again ) and you'll never have to steam vegetables the hard way again. Taters, ez, poke a few holes in em with a fork, nuke for a minute, keep nuking for 15 second increments til done. Oh, and if you are trying to use one of those chip makers (all they basically do is stand the tater slices upright to nuke them. Nuke em for til halfway done, -- here comes the secret -- and then let them *cool down completely* and then nuke til crisp.

Another thing to remember about the microwave, is that like a stove, you need different "pots" to cook different things in, bacon on a bacon tray, veggies in a steamer and so on. You'll have to invest in these items to really get some mileage out of it.
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Moghul Microwave sounds exactly like what you're looking for. Unbelievably great results, and delicious, too.
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I came here to suggest Moghul Microwave, too. My boyfriend uses it all the time to make us delicious dishes that you would not ever think came from nuking. They're all super-fast too. Highly recommended.
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Thanks to everyone who replied. That article was very interesting and I used a gift card from xmas to order Microwave Gourmet from a local book store. This year's looking like the year that I finally get my cooking on.
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This chef claims fries are best in the microwave
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