Find me a spanish language radion station so I can practice listening
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I'm trying to learn spanish and just want to listen to the words, even if I don't understand. Can someone recommend an internet radio station with only talk (no music)?
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Response by poster: A shortwave radio station would be cool.
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I find the Spanish NPR Podcast through iTunes to be pretty cool. You can also download them to an mp3 player and take them with you, which is nice. I haven't checked out all the iTunes Radio stations yet (I've been primarily stuck on this particular Rock en Español one), but there is a pretty big list of Spanish stations to choose from. In general though, they're mostly a music/talk mix. :(
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Best answer: I'd try one of these. Language podcasts are cool.
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Check out El Piolin's radio show.
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Does your TV cable include a Spanish language channel? Most of them do these days.
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Best answer: BBC World Service in 32 Languages
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Since you don't understand the words anyway (and thus wouldn't care about the propaganda why not try radio Marti?
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I'm learning Portuguese, and I've been watching a popular TV show which someone has dutifully put onto Youtube in 10 minute chunks. I'm sure something like that exists for Spanish, too. Then, even if you can't understand the words they're saying, the context can help make clear what they mean, you can see their mouths move, and other benefits like that.
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To go off of what losvedir suggested, I found it usefull when learning and teaching Spanish to watch/show Cien Mexicanos Dijeron/Que Dice La Gente the Spainish language version of the Family Feud. Yes, it is cheesy, however you get simple dialogue regarding set subject matter and at an easy pace. As an added bonus for the visual learners, the survey answers, if correct, pop up on the big board. There is also some light humor, innuendo, puns, and idioms, on a simple level, in the banter which helps with real life conversation skills.
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Of course you would have probably tried internet radios:

Some of those should work : )
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Here's a recommendation from a Mexican: W Radio (96.9 fm in Mexico City), you can listen to it online; just click on "escucha", then on "señal en vivo" and that's it... only news and lots of talk shows about sports, showbiz, politics, health, humor and life in general :-)
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