Help me ID this piece.
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Help me identify this piano piece? (Audio/sheet music inside)

I'm trying to track down a piano piece I used to play, years and years ago. I can only remember the first few bars, which i've written here. (There's an option to listen, rather than read. I'm covering all possible bases!)
The note lengths are approximate, but to my ear seem fairly accurate.

Can anyone ID it? Failing that, could you point me to someone/somewhere that might?
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The other song it reminds me of is Downtown by Petula Clark.
posted by b33j at 6:15 AM on February 16, 2009

Best answer: It's from the soundtrack to Sense & Sensibility (1995) - track 3 My Father's Favourite
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Response by poster: Hoorah! It's definitely My Father's Favourite, the name rang a bell as soon as I saw it.

Thank you all!
posted by pseudonymph at 5:25 AM on February 17, 2009

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