Why does external drive keep switching back to read-only setting?
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I have an external usb drive running off my Windows 7 computer. It keeps switching back to Read-Only, so when I try to send files to it, it merely appends a file and adds a number to its name, instead of re-writing the entire file. I've tried to change it back, but it does not stay changed. The minute I refresh the page, the read-only status comes back! Is there some setting I'm missing? Is there something in Windows 7 that's causing this to happen?
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I don't have an immediate answer, but please report this through the beta feedback channels so that it has a fair chance of being fixed for the final version.
posted by Diddly at 5:53 PM on February 11, 2009

you say "send to", so I'm guessing you are right-clicking on the source file and using the "send-to" sub menu? Does the same thing happen if you make the copy using ctrl-C/ctrl-V instead?
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