Can I skip Verified by Visa? It worked once...
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I didn't enter my "Verified by Visa" password, but NewEgg charged and shipped my order anyway. Can I skip this part every time?

Over the weekend I was ordering some stuff from NewEgg. I got to what I thought was the last page ("Confirm your order" or whatever), clicked Submit, saw it go to the "Processing..." page, and went AFK for about two hours.

When I came back, I saw that it had actually gone on to this page, asking me for my Verified by Visa password, which I've done before on NewEgg and a few other merchants. I figured my order was actually not placed, but lo and behold an email from NewEgg was in my inbox stating they had successfully charged the order, and in fact it has just now shipped and appears on my credit card.

So in the future can I just close this window and skip the Verified by Visa part (since I always forget my password anyway), is NewEgg just doing it for good looks, or what?
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Best answer: I ignore the Verified by Visa pop-up every single time I order from NewEgg, on both my personal and corporate accounts, and never had a single problem from doing so. My boss, however, using the same corporate account, always enters the password. All of our orders, regardless of visa verification password usage, are cleared immediately and ship shortly afterwards. From this I can only deduce that in the end, it matters fuckall.
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Best answer: Kind of hilarious that you just asked this. I did the same thing, because, screw them I'm not filling out that form. My purchases worked the first, second, and third time.

Then, last week I couldn't use my Visa at a gas pump. I called them up, and they said a security hold was put on my account due to a VbV purchase at So, the short answer is no, you can't skip it every time, because eventually it's going to cause problems.

My suggestion: Use a mastercard at Newegg. This Verified by Visa crap is asinine.
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I can't freaking stand that Verified By Visa crap, and skip it every time I buy at NewEgg, and a few other places, and haven't had a problem with that yet (and it's been awhile). HOWEVER, I recently tried to buy concert tickets via, and got completely screwed because they were forcing me to sign up and use it (and Visa wouldn't accept my information). Damnit I hate that freaking thing. HATE HATE HATE.
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My suggestion: Use a mastercard at Newegg. This Verified by Visa crap is asinine.

MasterCard has the same thing. It's called SecureCode. (That is, it's on some MasterCards, just like Verified by Visa is on some Visas).
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