Couples therapist in St. Louis?
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Recommendations for a couples therapist in St. Louis?

We're a couple in our 30's looking for a referral for a couples therapist in or near Clayton, MO (although we'd be willing to drive for someone special).

What did you like about him or her?
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I saw a fantastic social worker for relationship issues maybe a year & a half ago. She also does couples counseling, though I don't have any direct experience with that. Her name is Peggy Keilholz & her office is on the corner of Clayton & Hanley (diagonal from where the Schnucks used to be). I really liked her b/c I appreciate people who are up-front & action-oriented. I saw another woman in the same building (different office) who was more earth mother, touchy-feely, if that's what you like -- her name is Rosette Signorelli. I believe she specializes in family counseling.
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I have an awesome one, MeMail me for info.
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