St. Louis: where can I find a great nighttime view of the city?
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St. Louis: where can I find a great nighttime view of the city? I want to take a date someplace special.

So I want to take my date someplace special for a "first kiss" type moment. I thought a nice view of the city skyline might do the trick. Any suggestions? Where can you go to get a great view in St. Louis?
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I have only been there once but thought the area in front of the art museum by the St. Louis statue was very romantic at dusk.
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The view of the city from the top of the arch at night is great. Though, if there are a lot of people up there, isn't very romantic.

If you want a view of the skyline, you'll have to head to the east side. Also, not particularly romantic.

Sorry, not much help. Something in Forest Park like JJ86 said is probably best.
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Best answer: How about the Top of the Riverfront restaurant? I've never been there, but it seems like a more attractive option than in front of the Art Museum, where there's nothing to see but a statue and a lake.

One other idea... a last row balcony seat at the new Busch Stadium... especially if it's one of the nights when they have fireworks at the Arch, visible from the stadium seats.
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Go on a riverboat ride. They should still be doing them, and they offer dinner as well--the food is pretty good, and it's a lot of fun.

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The jungle gym sculpture thingy at the City Museum?
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Best answer: I live in Saint Louis. I would take her for a walk across Eads Bridge, which has a very nice view of the riverfront with the arch and downtown. If you eat somewhere in Lacledes landing, it wouldn't be far to walk, and the park surrounding the Arch is also an option.

Forest Park is nice, and the Art Museum and Grand Basin are very nice as well. The Grand Basin isn't as much about the view though as it is quiet, low lit, and romantic (the basin has fountaines and classical stone fences and whatnot).
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Best answer: Or the top of the Mental Hospital off of Arsenal. It's next to The Hill, very high up and apparently has the best view of the city outside of East St. Louis. "Outside of East St. Louis" is always a good thing.
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On this page it's referred to at THE FEMALE HOSPITAL (aka, Social Evil Hospital). It's the pretty brick building that seems like it should be part of a university or something.
"This institution was for many years known as the Social Evil Hospital, and was erected in 1873, under the mayoralty of Hon. Joseph Brown, from a fund gathered under the provisions of the, now repealed, Social Evil Law. It is a handsome brick structure, costing over $100,000, and situated outside the city limits, at the intersection of the Manchester and Arsenal Roads. It was first used exclusively for the care and treatment of social outcasts, who, under the social evil law, were taxed for its support. Since the repeal of this law, which proved obnoxious to many of our citizens, it has been used as a female hospital exclusively, for the treatment of all the indigent and poor female sick of the city, from whatever disease or accident they may suffer."
Dr. P. V. Schenck is the resident physician.
I mean... how can you resist?
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whoops wrong place.
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Best answer: The portico at the top of the civil courts building is open-air and (most folks don't know) open to the public. Albeit by appointment. The civil courts building is the high-rise stone building catacorner to City Hall (Market & Tucker). It provides the best view of downtown or any other part of the city (you can walk around the entire building up there). You need to go to the building's lobby and ask for the court clerk to arrange an appointment. I managed to talk my way up there without an appt. but they weren't real excited about it. You can't beat the view. The view on the east side is nice but somewhat dangerous/unromantic. I'll tell you how to get there though. You need to go over to the Casino Queen, park in the lot south of the casino, cross the street east of the casino (towards the river), follow the gravel road across the RxR tracks, walk through the break in the flood wall, and you're there. However, this is all trespassing as it's railroad property.
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Second votes for eads bridge and/or Top Of The Riverfront. The Arch is beautiful at night but as mentioned usually very crowded. One of the best views of the skyline I've seen though is from the outside viewing area of the Casino Queen, but I really hate the Casino Queen and don't find it very romantic but I'm now intrigued by beachhead2's idea.
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