Please help me find a country music song
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I'm looking for a specific country music song that I don't know where I heard.

I'm looking for a country song by a male artist that is about growing up in different generations. I think he sings about the 60s, 70s, 80s, etc, from a young person's perspective and about the fads of the time. Anyone have any ideas what song this is? TIA!
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Best answer: Mark Wills - 19-Something?

It was 1970- something
In the world that I grew up in
Farrah Faucett hair-do days
Bell bottoms and 8-track tapes
Lookin' back now I can see me
And oh, man did I look cheesy
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin'
It was 1970-something

Tim McGraw's Back When is on a somewhat similar theme.
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Best answer: Mark Wills - 19 Somethin' was my first guess too. You can find it on youtube to see if that's what you were thinking of.
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Response by poster: 19 Somethin' was it! Thank you!

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