Is anyone familiar with Tecnológico de Monterrey in Chihuahua?
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Is anyone familiar with Tecnológico de Monterrey in Chihuahua?

I was thinking of attending a program there and although it looks like a great school I'm wondering if anyone has firsthand knowledge of the school or the area. I know that things have been tumultuous in Mexico. I have a friend who has lived in Oaxaca for eleven years and she says that times are very tough...worse that she's ever seen. Is it the same in Chihuahua once you get away from the border towns? Is it a safe place to live and go to school? Thanks.
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I have a friend who lives in Monterrey. I can send her your email if you like, just let me know. She is an artist and I believe she has lived there for quite some time.
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Tecnológico de Monterrey is one of Mexico's most important private schools. They have more than 30 campuses in all the country. More information in their Wikipedia page. It has a good prestige in the country.

There has been violence in Chihuahua recently, but I'll leave it to somebody who's actually been there to comment on it.
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I was a student of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey. I can tell you a lot about the university, but I don't know anything particular to Campus Chihuaha. Academically, as a whole, the university is pretty good, and as clearlydemon says, it's one of the most important private schools in México, not without good reason. Do you have a choice of cities, or why are you going to Chihuahua?
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Response by poster: I was offered a chance to go to Chihuahua. I've heard the school is really great and I'd love to take this opportunity but I'm wondering about the general state or things in the area these days. I've heard some really bad things but I am interested to hear from people on the ground. I've spent time in Mexico but not in this particular area.

Thanks so much for the replies so far!
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Things are fairly safe at the school itself, but there is absolutely nothing safe about anywhere else in Mexico right now.
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"...there is absolutely nothing safe about anywhere else in Mexico right now."

Well, yeah, it kind of does seem that all Mexico is unsafe due to drug cartels and gangs, but other than the fear of random kidnappings, most of the violent events in Mexican cities are between law enforcement and organized crime (sometimes the same people, sadly).

KTrujillo, if you got offered the chance to go, and you want to take it, I say go for it, just inform yourself about safety considerations and don't let your guard down.

MeMail me if you want further info about Tec, I'm still pretty much connected to it.
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