where to find juicefuls
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Does anyone know where to buy Juiceful candies?

I remember eating these candies like 5 years ago, they have a hard outer shell and a juice filled center, they were delicious. I've tried looking for them online but the only thing I can find a phone number for a woman named Barbara who apparently has some...I'd rather not order them from Barbara so if anyone knows where to get some I'd really appreciate it. I remember the red (rasberry?) being my fav flavor but I'd take anything I could get.
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Response by poster: just to make it clear Juiceful is the actual name of the candy.
posted by BrnP84 at 4:03 PM on February 6, 2009

Pretty sure they were discontinued two or three years ago. I think you better just order from Barbara and hope they haven't deliquesced too much.
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First hit on Google says they are no longer being made. I can't imagine any old stock would be all that tasty as I remember the center getting hard and chewy with age.
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Juicefuls are being relaunched this summer under a different name.
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