How can I change the way I ping my MT blog from within Winamp 5
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"Now Playing" MT trackbacks from Winamp.

This is pretty specific, so I don't know if anybody can help. I'm using Matt's method of pinging my MT blog from within Winamp 5 (with the help of the Do Something plugin) to keep a "Now Playing" list of songs. The basic setup as described by Matt works great.

It gets trickier once I try to fool with it. Instead of just "Artist - Song" I'd like to display something like "Artist: Song (Album)" Apparently it's possible to add more tags to Do Something, but since I don't really understand what's possible from within the trackback URL, I found another method: changing the Advanced Title Formatting within Winamp's Preferences, and leaving %%CURRENTSONG%% in the URL untouched.

It looks like %artist%: %title% '('$padcut(%album%, 20)')' is pretty close to what I want, but the results don't display right on my blog. The album title has weird spaces, and the padding doesn't show up.

If that's too specific, here's a broader question: has anything done anything cool expanding on Matt's instructions? I'd love a way to format a bigger entry for each song, perhaps even with album art etc. Thanks.
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BlogAmp really whips the llama's ass. (It's a plug-in.)
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The only thing I've done on my weblog is to add Google links for the artist/track, and an archive page. Not terribly interesting, but let me know if you want any of the tags or anything.
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If you use audioscrobbler, you can get a feed of your latest tracks. You can include that using any of a number of methods.
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I second audioscrobbler. I've only started playing with it and found that its pretty easy to use php to screen-scrape the "now playing" page or use the rss feed and format it how you'd like.
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