Cave Aliens 2
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Yet another 80s Scifi search! But as it happens, I remember the whole movie...

... possibly 70s even, but I would have watched it in the 80s. Starts with a ship docking with a station having obtained an "egg" of sorts, which is sold and bought in a market-style place on the station.
Eventually we leave on a different ship, with the "egg" on board. Naturally the egg starts to grow into a alien creature, albeit a stationary one (mit tenticles). The first scene is set in a galley or kitcheny area with the creature on the right, usually shot from Predator-cam-angle, and the first human to find it, who attacks and gets killed by the creature.

One by one humans are killed and I believe the spaceship ends up in technical difficulties. Eventually the creature learns to communicate with the onboard computer, comes across a moral-code of sorts (could be the bible, or something like the bible).

Eventually the creature and humans communicate via the computer terminal, and it becomes clear the alien only killed in self-defense as it was being attacked by the humans.
(the usual: what is THAT?! I don't know, but kill it!).

The 2 surviving humans (male and female afaik) and creature learn to cooperate, repair the ship, even play chess from memory.

It stood out to me as it had the rare plot of a friendly alien.

Watched it in Scandinavia, but thought it was in English
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Star Crystal!

The alien was named Gar, btw. Garrrrrrrrr.
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Hah sweet.. pretty scathing review there, guess my young mind had a different take :)
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Oddly, I watched it recently. It's as bad as the review says. However, given some good alcohol and friends, it becomes fun. What struck me most about it was how the first half is a ripoff of Alien, and the second half is so bad it makes your head hurt.

Highly recommended! :)
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Hah! wow, yes, that was somewhat terrible, especially the dialog and acting. Copious amounts of smoking in space stations too. But the set and blinkenlichten were great. What I had zero memory off was the music! 80s synth galore, very yani spiritual healing style.
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Oh yeah, and somehow they must have got sponsored by Coca-cola..
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Crap, sorry for the one liners, anyone noticed the cover-alien? Seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the actual movie which is amusing.
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