Stumped on contact for interview
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I need help finding contact information for author Matthew Stover. My Google-fu has your Shaolin google-fu better than my Dragon Claw?

I am trying to contact Matthew Woodring Stover, author of Star Wars novels as well as many others, to request an interview. This is not some fan-crazy stalking, I have interviewed over 20 authors for a podcast I run (link not provided lest it be seen as advertising but MeFi Mail me if you want a link).

I know Stover has a blog at Blogspot but I see no way to contact him through there.

Anyone able to find a link for e-mail or some other publicly available contact info that I cannot?
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Presumably his publisher could arrange this.
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According to the wiki article that you linked to, he posts on the board at A bit of googling shows that he posts under MWStover. You could try creating an account and sending him a PM.
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I'll bet the publicity department at the publishing house that put out his books knows where to find him.
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Well, if you want to get a bit stalkerly about it...

His wife/partner/girlfriend's name is on his bio at wikipedia (which we all know is accurate).

She's not nearly as hard to find contact info for. A polite email might get passed along.

She seems to be on facebook, so you could for sure send her a message from there (and she's listed as a fan of Matt Stover), and she has a pretty big net presence in other areas.

But if you want to be professional about it, I'd contact his publisher. You can write pretty much any author care of his publisher.

I spent 5 minutes on this. I'll post more if I find it.
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Call his publisher, ask for the publicity deparment. If he doesn't have a current book, they'll refer you to his agent or to him.
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I'd start by leaving a comment on his blog, saying who you are and why, with a link to podcasts. If nothing comes of it then you can try the publisher/publicist/agent route, but it seems like it's easiest to just drop him a note on his blog.
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