I don't want Word to always be on top
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All of my MS Word windows are always on top, and it's driving me nuts.

This also holds for Outlook new-message windows, which are winword.exe under the hood. It's killing my productivity - for example, I can't alt-tab away from a Word document, because even if I move to another app, the Word doc is still on top, so I have to manually minimize/restore constantly. Google's failed me - all I can find is people who want to make Word do this, not stop it, and the answer always seems to be "use this third-party tool," which I obviously don't have installed. It's Word 2003 that's at fault here. Help?
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I found this suggested solution for Outlook 2003, and it sounds like it's the same problem you are dealing with.
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Doesn't work, I fear.
posted by Tomorrowful at 6:20 PM on January 28, 2009

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