Need V-Day Card Sentiments for the Elderly Please
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I recently volunteered for a community project to make homemade Valentine's Day cards for local elderly residents. I'm enjoying making the cards, but I suddenly find my mind blank! I need to come up with some good sayings/sentiments/quotes to put in the cards. These will all be for people I've never met, so that knocks out a lot of the usual sayings. Since a good deal of these people do not have family around, I'd love it if I could say something that will make them smile. I just know you guys will have some great ideas! THANKS!
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"Someone's thinking of you."
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Look up some vintage ones online - there are plenty of galleries, eg this one.

There's lots of corny jokes in them. When I worked the historical society, the ladies there seriously did think they were the bee's knees.
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"Roses are red / violets are blue / Happy Valentine's Day! / I'm thinking of you"

You might co-opt advertising slogans and such from the past as well. Nothing like a good riff on the Burma Shave signs to get someone chuckling.

In point of fact, there's nothing that can't do without the Burma Shave treatment.
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You could always check out for inspiration.
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Poetry. Especially classic stuff that conveys a general sentiment of love; stuff they may recall, too.
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Flickr has some options as well. Here are two groups I found: Visual Valentine and Vintage Valentine.

This is a great project!
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And here's more from West Virginia University.
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Well, since it would be weird to ask a stranger to be your valentine, or tell them your heart belongs to them, or any other romantic message, how about using a quote about "love" in general? Google Bartlett's Quotations, go to their site, and search for "love" (I'd do "-Shakespeare" unless you want 200 random quotes from Love's Labor Lost).
Shelley: "All love is sweet, Given or returned."
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I like the sweeter poems or verses from Emily Dickinson or Christina Rosetti when I make Valentines.

You're doing a good thing, and the folks are going to love it.
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Thank you all so much! These are excellent ideas, and I really appreciate your help.
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