Hail Mary Pass
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It's the final hour of this medical school application cycle. Is there anything I can do to increase my chance of getting an interview at the schools near and dear to my heart?

I have not yet been invited to interview at the state school in my back yard. I would really love to interview there (it has a strong commitment to community service, extremely diverse patient and student populations, and an extremely cool Neuroscience track for students) and I'm wondering what I can do at this late date to express my strong interest in the school, get the admissions staff to look at my application again, or somehow get an interview.

Should I visit the school? What do I say? Who do I speak to? Should I send them more materials? Wrap myself in a bow and camp outside their office with cookies? Please help me genius hive!

I'm up for any suggestions, no matter how wild. The school gets over 5,000 applications for about 150 spots, so anything could potentially help. I'm an older applicant with varied life and teaching experiences, a much lower than average undergraduate GPA with a 4.0 in upper level sciences as a post-bacc. My MCAT score is very good, about 5 points higher than the average for this particular school. My goal is to ultimately live near this school and serve the very populations served by this school and it's affiliate hospitals. I realize this is the sort of thing studentdoctor.net sees all the time, but I have come to trust the MeFi community, and would appreciate any suggestions y'all may have.
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Did you exhaust all your resources/contacts at your post-bacc institution? I'm sure you have, but I always thought the gist of those was that they helped with placement.
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Since you're so close probability is you know someone associated with it. Use your contacts. Send a nice letter (not email) to the Dean discussing your interest. It can't hurt.
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