Adding stars to wikis?
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How can I add star ratings to content pages in a free wiki like PBWiki or Wetpaint?

I'm trying to create a site that collects and rates places to go sledding in Massachusetts. I'd like to use a wiki so that many people can contribute content. I'd also like users to rate sledding spots (maybe even rate in several categories such as ease of access or steepness of hill). If you know of a wiki site that has this feature, or if you have another idea about how to make a site like this, speak up!

I've looked at Blogger and Wordpress for this idea too. Both have star rating widgets, but the widgets just rate the post, which isn't quite what I'm looking for. Blog sites also have stricter permissions, and I'm hoping to create a site where it will be easy for many people to add sledding spots.

I've checked out Pligg, which looks promising, but I'd rather not have to deal with hosting, especially since it costs money.
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You could do it pretty simply with templates, and then have the template (e.g. {{fivestar}}) add the page to a category (Category:Five-star sledding hills).
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