Dish Network smart cards
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Dish Network wants me to replace the "smart card" in my receiver. If I don't, they'll ground me from the T.V..

They are making a habit of taking away channels claiming they were "free previews" even though I've had those channels for three years.

Any idea what this card will be changing?
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The card updates the encryption in your receiver. It does not control which channels you get; that is controlled by broadcasts.
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The cards are replaced because someone has cracked the encryption scheme and now they need to put in a new one. Its not a conspiracy to take away your channels. Theyre just fighting dish pirates.
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Taking away those channels over the last year has made me consider turning into a dish pirate.
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The problem with being a pirate is that when they change the cards, you lose all the channels until they crack the new system.
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Their free previews change regularly. The preview periods are usually a month long. Here are the current preview channels.

Last time I had to change mine, they sent me the card unsolicited. In fact, I thought it was junk and just put it in a pile for several weeks (months?). Your current smart card *will* expire. If you haven't seen them already, you'll start getting on-screen warnings about the impending expiration. Very annoying. Change now to avoid that.

And yeah, it's not going to change your service at all. And the free previews are unrelated to anything else.
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