Hook em, Horns! Good idea needs landing!
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How do I pitch an idea to sports marketing department of a major university?

I've got an idea for an ad campaign for the Texas Longhorns. How would I go about pitching it to their sports marketing department?
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Haha, I saw this and thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if they were talking about the Longhorns."
I would start by contacting someone on this list: http://www.texassports.com/staffdir/tex-staffdir.html#com

Sorry if you've already thought of that.
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Not to discount your idea, which may be great, but don't you think the marketing department doesn't already have a dozen people all with great ideas and that the only thing stopping them from acting on them is time/money/resources/management?

disclaimer: I work in a marketing department
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Actually, I don't.
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