Pinning ears back as an adult?
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Get your ears pinned back: anyone done it? as an adult? Is it sore? How long does it take to recover? Do they pop back out? Is it expensive? Any and all info gratefully received.
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I haven't done it but i would--it seems really mild, pain and riskwise.
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I haven't had the experience personally, but as amberglow linked, it's one of the milder forms of plastic surgery, so as far as the risk/esthetic payoff goes, it's a good one.

Just make sure your surgeon is board-certified (again, amberglow's link is a good one -- ASPS is a highly respected society) and that you spend as much time as you comfortably need discussing your desired result. Ask to see case photos or other examples of the surgeon's work with patients with similar cases, and for information about his or her complication rates with the particular procedure suggested. ("Pinning" can be done a variety of ways, surgically.) The surgery will permanently alter the shape of your ears -- no pop-outs. If yours is a simple case, expense should be relatively low for a cosmetic procedure, but the only way to know if it's really affordable to you is a consultation.

For additional research, you can always read up on studies featuring the particular procedure to see what patient satisfaction and complication rates generally are. If you see anything with unclear meaning or of concern to you, don't hesitate to bring it to your surgeon. A good one will take the time to discuss the procedure and desired outcomes with you. Good luck.
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