Where can you find shoes for an extra wide foot?
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Shoes and boots for the extra wide foot... [more insole]

My father has extremely wide feet- 10 1/2 5 E, in fact.
He has a terrible time finding shoes and boots, especially.
Any suggestions as to where he can look, online or off, for
high quality footwear?
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here you go...BA Mason--not gigantic selection in weird sizes tho. (i have the opposite problem--9 1/2 AA)
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I have done very well (for women's shoes for difficult feet) with FootSmart. When I did a search just now of men's shoes in size 10.5, I found a couple of models (by Propet) that come in 5E.
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That's almost exactly my foot size--there are a number of different brands that work well, if you can find stores that stock the larger sizes.

For sneakers, New Balance are your best bet, by far, and they now make the "Dunham" line for business casual shoes, etc. I've also had great luck with Rockport for business casual and those awesome "business on top, sneaker on the bottom" kind of shoe, and I've got a pair of Ecco loafers with magnets in the bottom that are really comfortable, too. (I'm a total skeptic on the whole magnet thing, but they came with them, and they are great for a long day on your feet, so who's arguing?)
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I don't think Ecco shoes come in widths. Their normal sizes are too narrow for my slightly-wide feet. On the other hand, Merrells don't come in widths but they fit my feet perfectly. They're definitely not enough for a 5E, though.
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I'll second the "New Balance" family of shoes (and Rockports) for wide feet.
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find a reputable shoe repair in the area (the sort of place that reblocks and can redesign arches) and ask if they can recommend a custom shoe shop. custom boots are not as expensive as you might think (nick's boots which was linked in an earlier askme start under $300) (and yes, i know that one person's "not expensive" can easily be another person's "prohibitively expensive"). hersey does custom athletic/casual shoes for a little bit less.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so very much!
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