Biker jackets for ladies?
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I've had the same "biker" jacket (you know, one of these) for close to 15 years. It's time for a replacement. I'd like to keep the look but was wondering if there were any jackets of that sort that are tailored for a woman's shape, which is to say larger in the breast area and smaller at the waist. Google-fu is failing me. Any ideas?
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Harley Davidson has tons of women's leather jackets.
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Crap - sorry. Better link here
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Response by poster: You know, it never occurred to me to look at cycle shops! Thanks for the link.
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Ok, so if you didn't think of looking in moto shops, you clearly don't ride, so this may be a bust for you, BUT. As a rider of motorcycles, I can tell you the quality and fit is impossible to beat from Fox Creek Leather.

Their stuff is made for riding, so it fits great. They are super easy to work with, an will make sure you get the fit you want, even if they have to send you several jackets before it's just right. Can't say enough good about them...

As a rider of non-harley motorcycles, I don't like the harley logo plastered all over my gear, so Fox Creek makes "the good stuff" without all those harley logos. And their stuff is made in the good old USA. Call them on the phone and a HUMAN BEING answers -- no machine. Amazing, huh?

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Response by poster: Wow, those Fox Creek ones look like they'd be incredibly comfortable. (And no, I don't ride. Busted! I used to go to punk and industrial shows where the "BLJ" was standard gear. :) )
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Heh, non riders are allowed to sport our fashions. There are only two kinds of people in the world anyway, those who ride, and those who wish they did. ;)
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Vanson also makes them.
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This isn't your question but be sure to sell that old biker jacket on ebay. These items don't get actually age they just build up a thick layer of street cred.
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i *heart* vanson. if you're really hard to fit and have a bit of money, they will make a custom jacket from measurements.

i've got a lady's night avenger and it rocked my world when i was riding.
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Why a new jacket?
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