what kind of jacket is this
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What is this awesome stripey jacket Richard Hammond is wearing, and can I buy one?

You can see the lettering on the sleeve at 6:57 in this clip. I cannot read that fancy font through the blur of Youtube.

This was series 8, episode 3. I'm American, so this is the best quality video I'm legally allowed to get my hands on. I'm hoping someone has the region 2 discs, or superior reading skills.
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It's a Dainese logo.
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And an old model they don't make/sell any more
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Best answer: I think it's a Dainese Merx.
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And since you're female, there is also the Lola 2 Vintage -jacket which is a similar style for women. Unfortunately it seems to be discontinued as well.
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Response by poster: Awww. Well, thanks for the answers, everyone. It looks like Dainese makes a variety of cool-looking jackets, so I'm sure I'll find something.
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