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A guy tries to join an online literary dating site and finds all the usernames he comes up with are taken. All his usernames are puns on authors such as "Earnest Cummingway" "William F*ckmore" and so on. All this jocular beauty is an internet video. Anyone seen this, know where it is? My literary hilarity must be appeased!
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I remember this. Was it linked from the front page?
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Best answer: I found it!

'Sexy Screenname', directed by Will Hines.

From the youtube info: "Dialogue NSFW. Written by Rob Cacy. Starring Matt Evans and featuring the voice of Kristy Webb. Originally performed by the sketch group Skuntz at UCBT in July 2008..."
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Response by poster: Augh! Screenname! I knew there were other words for handles. thanks a lot!
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