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I'm looking to regain online access to iub's library.

I had online access to Indiana U-Bloomington's library for several years through a relative in grad school until recently. I'm sorely in need of it as a resource for research, to get journal articles and information from their excellent collection of databases. I know about article request communities and things like that but I'm just looking for access to iub. Thanks for any help.
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I think you're likely to be out of luck unless you're actually in Bloomington and can use the Guest ID program sanko linked to. Given that our remote access to library collections requires a login with our university email and passphrase, which also access bursar accounts, registration, university email, etc, I can't imagine anyone sharing the information with a stranger. If you're not in Bloomington, do you have physical proximity to any large research universities, which would also likely have a guest program?
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Response by poster: I didn't realize it accessed all the other systems. I'm not near Bloomington, so I guess I'm out of luck. Thanks for the info amelioration.
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Does it need to be the Bloomington library? If you just need resources that an academic library is likely to have, try contacting other universities in your area.
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Our remote access to library collections requires a login with our university email and passphrase, and you have to be coming from a university IP address...
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Do you live nearby? At least at the University of Maine, you can just go into the library and fire up JSTOR, no questions asked.
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oh, sorry. I missed where you said you don't live nearby.

You might be able to saunter into some other school, though. Act casual.
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If you live near any public university like Indiana-Bloomington, the library is a public institution and as a community member you are entitled certain rights, including access to the online databases from the library or libraries on campus. You shouldn't have to act casual if it's a public university - if you live in the state, it's your library too.

Any databases that Indiana-Bloomington subscribes to are likely to be included in the resources at other large public research institutions. You can contact the reference desk and ask if they have access to the database you want (or search their online catalog, which will likely be available without logging in) before you trek over.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses! iub definitely has access to some resources that aren't readily available elsewhere. But given what else it logs you into at iub (a ton of places are separated out and the library access doesn't give you access elsewhere), I think I'm out of luck on getting what I wanted, which was access to iub.
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Go to the research librarian in your local library, who will be able to arrange access to the IUB library, at least for specific questions. At a minimum, the librarian should be able to get IUB to run a search on IUB's specialized databases and get you a printout of the article titles. At the very least, you should be able to get into JSTOR.

Check out whether your relative can retain access to the IUB resources by joining the alumni association. This usually includes a university email address, which may be all that's necessary to use the library. You might also check into benefits available through the alumni association of the school you graduated from.
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