Boxee, meet old man Samsung.
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How can I make Boxee on my Macbook look grand on my TV?

I'm using Boxee on my Macbook as a half-way step to getting a cheap linux box and canceling cable (another question there for sure). I just can't get Boxee to look right on my TV.

I'm using Boxee on a Macbook, mini-DVI to RCA, old pathetic TV. None of the resolutions under "display settings" seem to work, and using Boxee's video settings doesn't fix it either. It's so easy with VLC and iTunes! For those who got it to look right, let me know what you did. Thanks in advance.
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What do you mean by not "looking right?" It is true that the fonts in Boxee are small and so are only readable on HDTVs.
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zsazsa is right; more info is needed as to why it's not "looking right". For one, on the (PAL) versions of the Apple miniDVI->RCA/Svideo adapters I've used, the secondary screen it creates is always 4:3 - so widescreen content is letterboxed unless the app does its own cropping.

Can't find my one at the moment, so I can't go through all the possible permutations of clone/secondary screen and source AR interactions...
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Response by poster: The shows are letterboxed on my laptop, then when I plug it in, it switches to widescreen and cuts off each side, which then also shows up on my computer.
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Response by poster: On my TV, I mean. Also shows up on my TV. Argh.
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