TEFL in Argentina
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Does anyone have recommendations for where to find job postings for companies hiring English teachers in Buenos Aires?

A friend of mine is interested in moving to Buenos Aires this spring and wants to work as an english teacher while she is there. She has teaching experience (as a middle school teacher) in the US, but searching for jobs online turns up a ton of spam sites.
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Try the Argentina job list forum on Dave's ESL Cafe.
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Best answer: I did the ESL thing for a year, I found my job through a recruiter (I specifically used Footprints Recruiting). I taught in Asia so I can't offer you specific advice for South America, but I guarantee that there are plenty of ESL jobs in Buenos Aries (how well they pay is another issue altogether) find a recruiter and, as nitsuj mentioned, hit up Dave's ESL Cafe it's pretty much the top resource for ESL job postings.
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Also, contact Trinity, Prague office.
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