What is this bag? What is this logo?
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The other day I spotted a very handsome shoulder bag of brown leather with a red stripe. I want to own one just like it. I wasn't able to ask the owner where he got it, but I was able to spot the manufacturer's logo. It looks like a heart, split down the middle into two lobes, and lying on its side. I've drawn a very crude version of it here. It looks faintly familiar to me -- does anyone recognize it? And in general, is there a good resource somewhere for looking up logos?
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Could it be Roxy?
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Response by poster: Hmm, the logo does have a little similarity to Roxy's, and to that of its brother brand Quiksilver, but it was definitely a men's leather satchel, the likes of which doesn't seem to be in either of their product lines, and the logo was no more ornate than the one I drew (much cleaner, in fact).
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Best answer: It might look familiar because of this. The Intel Centrino logo was the first thing I thought of when I saw your drawing.
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Best answer: Looks like the Vaja Cases logo, though I don't know if they make any big bags.
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thought the same thing as box when I saw the logo, so I went to the webpage. Could it be something like this one ?


The colors can be customised, so you can make your own combination. Tried quickly with color 1 as "rosso" and color 2 as "friar brown" - and it's not bad....
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Response by poster: Vaja is the one! Leave it to me to spot and covet a $600+ messenger bag.

And Intel is indeed the reason the logo looked familiar, since I had never heard of Vaja before now.

Thank you!
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That messenger bag looks fantastic, but it seems to fit flush with the MacBook Pro in the pictures. Are they really selling a $400+ shoulder bag that won't hold the power adapter?
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