Character design programs like in Rock Band?
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My favorite part of Rock Band is creating different characters and choosing crazy outfits, face paint, and tattoos. Are there any games that have very detailed character creation? How about any that focus solely on the character creation?

HeroMachine is great too, and I'd enjoy seeing other tools like that But
I really want to find something with the animation and 3d graphics of Rock Band.

Also, I prefer things that run on Windows XP.

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I don't play, but a group did a presentation in my marketing class about Second Life, and this seemed to be a very big part of the game.
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City of Heroes.
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You can design Mii Characters if you have a Wii. Sims is pretty much about creating characters, and it's really customizable (and also for PCs). There's also Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2--it's a pretty old game, but I remember creating characters in it. The newer editions of the game also have custom characters.
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Saints Row 2 lets you customise your character pretty extensively. And the Sims games, obviously. Both run on PC.
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Saints Row 2 has a very good character customization feature. It's a wackier Grand Theft Auto, and two be honest, although GTA4 was an amazing technical achievement, I had more fun with SR2. I think it just came out on PC.

Sports games also generally have good character creators. In particular I'm thinking of Tiger Woods and Top Spin 3. I'm sure there are others, but I don't play many sports games.
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To be honest... where's that edit window already! ;)
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IMVU is an online 3D chat and dressup thingy with very customizable characters.
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Sims 2.
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I had fun creating characters in Soul Calibur seemed fairly detailed to me, but I've never done it in Rock Band so can't compare. It's on XBox 360 and PS3.
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You could tweak and tune the face creator in Oblivion for hours.
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You're totally looking for The Sims 2. This is essentially one big character creation simulation. There are about a dozen add-ons or stuff packs too. The former change the game dynamic in significant ways, the latter are simply more options for going shopping. But unlike Rock Band, you actually get to have your characters do meaningful things rather than simply be an avatar for a game which could do just fine absent any characters, let alone detailed character creation.

The odd thing about the Sims games is that you'll find yourself spending hours virtually doing things you'd do anything to avoid in real life.

The game does run in XP, but you'
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Oblivion is awesome, and the character creator is robust, but it's also a little wonky. For example, for some reason adjusting your complexion will throw all the other variables you've spent a long time fine tuning completely out of whack.
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The SSX games had a pretty high degree of character customization, with the "buy new outfits and crap with your money" method.
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Second Life
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Oblivion's character creator is indeed tons of fun to use. Of course, you can spend 45 minutes tweaking your eyebrow darkness, nose sharpness, forehead broadness, etc., and then throw on a helmet a few minutes into the game and never see your characters' head again. :-)
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Nthing Second Life and City of Heroes. I'm consistently amazed at how many different heroes and villains there are in CoH, given the options available.
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nthing Sims 2.

Stardoll is a web-based version of paper dolls, which is a similar (and equally enjoyable) idea.
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Nthing Second Life...given the amount of clothing/skins(makeup)/tattoos found in world, it's impossible to grow bored with your options (especially if you're willing to drop a few bucks a month into the Second Life currency).

And if you do get bored, then if you have any skill in Photoshop or Gimp (or are willing to learn), you can hop into one of those programs and work on creating your own content. It becomes addictive, though...
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Seconding the Tiger Woods games. They have extremely detailed character creators, allowing you to manipulate many aspects of the face.

Facebreaker seems to be staking its claim primarily on the basis that you and your friends can beat the crap out of avatars of each other, even allowing you to upload photos that can be mapped onto your characters.

Spore is almost entirely about creation, though the creature creator is more of a species creator than a creator tuned for a particular character.

Some RPGs have taken to allowing you to create a wide variety of characters, both by conscious choice (clothing, grooming, tattoos, etc.) and as consequence of action. Two recent notables are Fable 2 and Fallout 3. You can create very strange looking characters, but you are limited to what you can find/buy/steal, and sometimes looking weird may actually have an effect on gameplay.
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City of Heroes, definitely.
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EVE Online.
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Most pro wrestling games have extensive character costuming options.
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Seconding City of Heroes/Villains. The amount of customization is pretty crazy.
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A friend of mine who played Guild Wars posted screenshots of his character's new bikini armor/hair color/bat wings constantly.
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Again, Sims 2, or alternately Sims 3 (due to be released next month).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. These look really fun. I'll be trying a bunch of them.
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