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I'm looking for music that I can be an instant fan of.

A week or so ago someone turned me onto Leslie Hall (I did a FPP post about her). It took about 30 seconds for me to become hooked and an instant fan. A friend of mine said "well if you really like Leslie Hall you'll love The Orion Experience's 'Obsessed with you'" and they were right, I loved them.

So now I'm looking for more "well if you liked Leslie and Orion, then you'll really love this!" Could you recommend more? I've got like 30 dollars credit on iTunes and it's burning a whole in my pocket for more good music.
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I'm not really sure how you are drawing a parallel between Leslie Hall (her, right?) and The Orion Experience.

On the Leslie Hall side of things, you may also like:

-Har Mar Superstar
-Atom and His Package
-Schaffer the Dark Lord
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Tom Tom Club?
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Jason and Laszlo,

Already a fan of "Wordy Rappinghood" <--such a great song
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Robots In Disguise - Turn It Up
Dengue Fever - Tiger Phone Card
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend
The Submarines - You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie
Buck 65 - Wicked and Weird
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Maybe Junior Senior? They broke up recently, but they put out 2 fun albums. You've probably hear their "hit" "Move Your Feet" before.
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MC Chris - Nrrrd Grrrl
always makes me think of jessamyn
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I don't have any recommendations because I don't know Leslie Hall, but - try out Pandora. If you aren't familiar with the site, you can type in an artist or a song and it will pull up other songs that are similar.
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Funny you should mention the Orion Experience - they were the opening band on Saturday for the Nightmare of You show I went to see, and I've never heard of them until 2 days ago.

So, you should check out Nightmare of You - In the Bathroom is Where I Want You

Let me know if you like them! And check out other songs by them if you do - Why Am I Always Right?, My Name is Trouble, Dear Scene I Wish I Were Deaf.
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If you're in the US, pandora.com is surprisingly good at pinpointing music you'll probably like.
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Also last.fm.
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geekyguy, love Nrrd Grrl!
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I'm a big fan of STD, I think he's great (despite the snarky reception he got on the blue)
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Also: Shoes.
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nitsuj oh god, I remember that video! I have that song, too!
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gotta love atom & his package and mc chris. some of my faves i haven't seen listed:

mc paul barman ft. princess superstar - get mtv off the air
peaches - lovertits
prince paul - steady slobbin'
atmosphere - good times (sick pimpin')
mc frontalot's freestyle 101

and the band that first taught me nerd pride as a young punk, boris the sprinkler. the single greatest non-cheese-related thing to come out of green bay. youtube took down "she must not suspect i dig her", but they do have "(she digs my) new wave records"
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I've beend digging this English band named "The Streets". Good songwriting, kinda rap/hip-hoppy, but with a soft side. I liked them the first time I heard them and now more every time I listen.
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