What used acoustic guitars are under valued?
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I'm looking to buy a used acoustic guitar that didn't hold it's monetary value. Which brands should I look for?

Let me explain. A Martin or Gibson which cost 2 grand ten years ago is still worth 2 grand (or more) on the used market. A Tacoma that cost 2 grand ten years ago now sells for under a grand used. It's still a good guitar, but now it is a steal for what you are getting.

I'm not looking for a good monetary investment, as I don't expect to be reselling it. I want a good undervalued player's investment. Are there other brands,models,years that are selling for a lot less than what they are worth in terms of quality?
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Seagull or a midrange solid-top Yamaha or Takamine.
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Seagulls are pretty impressive. My roomate has one. I'd say it's 80% of a nice Martin for like $400. But you don't have to buy used. They are pretty darn cheap new.

Ugly-ass headstock though. I can't get past it. Looks so cheap.

Yamahas are impressive for their crappiness to good sound ratio.

Isn't that Tacoma cheaper now because the Martin is a better guitar? I don't want to believe the hype, but Martin turns out an impressive product, year after year. They are always awesome, always sound good, and look awesome. That's why they hold their value, I believe.

Good luck looking!
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My Seagull still plays bright and true after eight years.
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I've got a Breedlove Atlas dreadnought that plays very nicely and has dropped in price recently. Musicians' Friend had them listed in a recent catalog for about 50% of what I paid (I think about $350 now, about $700 when I bought).

I don't care how much she's "worth," she sounds great.
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I bought a Seagull a few years ago and it's a fine instrument. You might look at Elderly in the used instrument line or giving them a call and asking for advice.
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It's been unplayed for years, but my Seagull has a really nice sound and looks purdy.
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Again, recommending Seagull - just buy new, the value is excellent for the price off the rack.

Otherwise, Washburn maybe.
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My Carvin Cobalt guitar is easily as nice an instrument as other brands costing hundreds of dollars more. That's new. If you can find one used, it should be an even better deal.
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Another recommendation for Takamine - mine was $599 new but I imagine they're a bargain used as well. Sounds great to me.

Yamaha also makes some nice guitars that you could buy new for a fraction of that $1000.
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Best answer: I was curious about this so did a bit of Googling and it seems that the name that keeps coming up for used acoustic guitars that may be undervalued is Guild, particularly guitars made in the Westerly, RI factory.
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Good call, Tom Cook - Guilds are nice. I think that factory has closed?
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er, tomcooke
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Coming at this a bit late, but Blueridge and Recording King are two brands which are said to perform outstandingly for the money.
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PS - Guild is now owned by Fender, and as such new Guilds ≠ old Guilds.
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