They got me for $20.00
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Is this site a scam?

I paid for a one-month subscription to check it out, and after weeks the site 'support staff' is unable to give me a working URL to the "live load board" they advertise. The extent of their help has been to tell me to "retreive my password" and to state on the paypal dispute I opened "That there may be no loads in an individual state." Apparently, this 'company' advertises a lot on Craigslist.

If they are in fact a scam, what sorts of things can I do to stop them? More importantly, how can I prove they're scamming?
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Best answer: The complete lack of contact information (bar an email address) and any sort of company information certainly seems suspect, particularly when you consider similar services are happy to supply at least a phone number and seemingly-valid company name.

Given the above, and that you've actually handed money over and have received nothing in return, it certainly seems more scam than legit.

Cancel your PayPal subscription (if necessary). In terms of stopping them, you could at least proceed forth with the PayPal dispute and open some sort of higher complaint with PayPal. I've never done something like this myself, so I'm not sure what results you'll achieve.

The Whois record for the domain lists the names of the people responsible for registering the domain, who are located in Wisconsin by the looks of it. This information could be completely fake, but it's worth pursuing. It might be worth looking into whether Wisconsin has a government office that deals with trading standards or business, and asking them about the situation.
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