how can i confirm my dental insurance?
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i have an appointment at the dentist today, and just noticed that my dental insurance card is really worn out, as pretty much all the text is faded. will this be a problem in confirming my insurance? if i just tell them my plan (delta PPO), and my social security number or something, will they be able to phone delta up and confirm my insurance?
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I went to the dentist on Tuesday without a card at all. They were able to look it up and confirm my policy.
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(You might want to call the office before your appointment and confirm this before going. If they can't, call Delta yourself and get your policy number.)
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I don't think I've ever even had a dental insurance card. I've just given my social security number and the name of the insurance company.
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If you've been to that dentist before it should all be on file and they won't even ask for the card.
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As long as they can still read the phone number (probably on the back of the card) you should be fine.
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It shouldn't be a problem, but if you're having anything done that requires numbing your mouth, take care of it before you get the procedure done. I say this from experience.
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Yeah, I have Delta and have never needed the card.They can look up the info.
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Response by poster: thanks!
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Confirming everyone else. I went to the dentist last Saturday and didn't have a card. They had no problem finding my insurance info when I told them my SSN and my provider.
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