How to spend my Target Christmas money?
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What are a few of your favorite things (from Target)? I have about $350 Target bucks to spend as the result of very generous gift card from a combined Christmas/birthday present. How should I spend it?

I got a $400 Target gift card over the holidays. Although I'm tempted to buy a Wii, I would really like to try and spend it wisely. So far have bought about $50 worth of exercise gear and some Method cleaning products.

Target shoppers, what do you think I should do with the rest of the money? I'm thinking new bedding--my poor bed could use sheets that fit right, and a new comforter. And maybe some kitchen stuff.

Any other suggestions? Besides Wii are there cool/useful electronics I should look at? (fyi I already have a digital camera).
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A bread machine is the kitchen appliance I didn't think I needed, but which has changed my life. Target sells a Breadman for under $100 which has done the job just fine for the past year or so.
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Best answer: They have nice, cute bedding. I recommend getting sheets and a bedspread (i.e. something that's not puffy) at Target and then a down comforter from (can get nice ones pretty cheap there). That way you're good all year round.

IMO, a lot of their kitchen stuff is over-priced, but as long as you've got a gift certificate getting an awesome deal isn't paramount.

If you don't have one already, you might want a Nintendo DS Lite. I think they're $150, so you could satisfy your video game cravings while leaving you with some money to spend responsibly.
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A Sonicare toothbrush?
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A rice cooker is another wonder appliance if you eat rice with any regularity. Don't go straight for the fancy fuzzy logic type...the basic, Rival or Aroma brand with a non-stick pot is fine. I saw one on sale at my local Target this week for $17.
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I am in love with bamboo sheets from Target. They are ridiculously soft when you first get them out of the package and repeated washings just make them all the more softer.
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Fuzzy blankets and picture frames.
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Best answer: They have some really nice linens. Maybe you could buy new towels /rugs /etc. for your bathroom...? A complete bathroom make-over, if you will.

They also have really cute clothes/accessories...

Second on the DS, also... Much more useful/fun than the Wii, in my opinion, which is more of a "novelty console" and is useful only when you're having people over. Plus DS games are cheaper, and you can build a nice little collection of games buying them 1 or 2 at a time.
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Nthing the linens department. They are really good at that.
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orla kiely is coming out with a home ware line at target. i think it comes out in february.
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Just an aside, but I recently used a pile of gift cards to buy a prepaid Mastercard. This was in the UK, at a completely unrelated store, but it may be worth investigating whether a similar thing is possible at Target. That way, if they don't have whatever you want, you can spend the money elsewhere.
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Haha... I came in this thread to suggest a Wii or Nintendo DS lite and some games. So, I'll second the recommendations and tell you that gift cards are meant to be used for frivolous, fun gifts for yourself. Stop buying cleaning supplies!
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Pressure cooker, a Fagor 6-quart Pressure Cooker. Cook beans.
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I have a set of 600 thread count sheets from Target that I am in love with. Sadly, they no longer sell that particular set, but if it's any indication of the quality of the rest of their bed sheets, I'd say get some sheets!

They also have some nice, basic tableware. I have lots of little white plates and bowls from Target that I use all the time.

If you do a lot of baking, I'd recommend a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

And maybe a Nintendo DS.
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Sheets to the nth. Definitely the sheets. Look at the pillows, too.
Stationary & craft supplies for giving back :)
Popular media (books, CDs, DVDs) you've missed out on.
New everyday makeup wardrobe.
Some of their clothing lines have interesting basics at surprising prices, and summer's coming.
Organisation aids, like baskets & bins, shelves, that sort of thing.
Endorsing getting a breadmaker. They ROCK. Also: stick blender, if you ever make sauces/gravies, smoothies, or shakes. I'd personally buy a rice cooker, but you may not need one.
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I love their pop culture pajamas and t-shirts. Every time I go back to the States, I head up to the mens' section and buy a pile of random shirts and pajama bottoms.

But now that I know they have bamboo sheets -- oh, I know what I'm getting come my next trip...
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I like Target brand multi-vitamins.
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They have really nice-looking furniture, cheap. I'm not sure of the quality as I've never bought any, but it looks like good quality.
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Dec One: their version of the iconic "billy" bookcases from Ikea are solid and go on sale for way less than "billy" ever does, but that's the only furniture I've bought and have kept. The desks are generally too flimsy over time, I know that for sure.
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Target furniture is pretty decent. We only have an entertainment unit/TV stand, but it was $50 and I have no complaints. It's probably about on part as IKEA furniture, but the prices are a little cheaper. If you need furniture, I'd point you in that direction.

Otherwise, I'd get a stand mixer, a really nice food processor or some awesome cookware. To me, $350 is a lot of money and I think I'd spend it on one big thing.

Although, honestly, I think if I had $350 at Target right now, I'd be buying a netbook, even if I had to toss in a bit of my own money.
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mossimo tshirts, plain colors. i find them to be very flattering and fitting without making me look like a 14 year old.

jersey sheets

their cube shelves - they hold fabric drawers. i love them.
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for the love of god, NERF WEAPONRY.

it upsets me to think that if I lived in America I could just waltz into a shop and buy a Longshot, and probably have change out of $35. a gun that looks a bit like a blue version of the gun from aliens that fires foam darts upwards of 40 feet. and its cheap. you don't know how good you have it.
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I really love Target's home furnishings - especially the linens. New bedding is always a nice treat! Their "world" line or whatever is very stylish.

Thinking about it gives me Target-buck-envy.
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Why not just hang onto the gift cards until you really need something, rather than obsess over what you can get right now? Sorry if this sounds overly practical, but I'm a big believer in using found money (and that's what a gift card is, really) for needs rather than wants, so if you don't need that Wii, save the remaining amount until you do need something. Then get it.

Why yes, I am a Capricorn.
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Indoor pants!
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$240 worth of pudding! $350 worth of Archer Farms pomegranate fruit strips!

We actually just got a three piece king sized duvet cover there that I love. It was on sale, but regularly $30. They have great curtains and window hardware too.
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Don't forget that there are a lot more items available exclusively on the online store.
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My husband and I like to wander around Target every once in a while. If you walk around the perimeter of the store, the end caps of the aisles have clearance stuff every few ones, and you can find some really crazy stuff. If I had that much Target money, I would definitely use at least a little bit on some random item I found that I would never buy under normal shopping circumstances. Also, it's kind of fun to see what crazy things you can find, even if you don't buy anything, so there's that aspect as well.
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Yes, like online if there are any DVDs you have been wanting, like maybe the box set of The Wire, you can get 'em.
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The missus says they have nice Reidel glasses in variety of stems and sizes. I say look for a nice area rug. But I think both of us would restock our bathrooms' collection of towels in a heartbeat with a card like that.
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I have to say, the fitted Mossimo tees (cotton with a little stretch) and some of the Mossimo tanks - not the trendy ones, the ones with the office basics - are very well made, come in good colors, I've got a few and have worn them for a couple years now. Great for layering in cold weather. There are sometimes some really great buys in the clothes department but you'd really have to go to the store because some look great & then you find out the quality is terrible (eg, Go International designers).. I got a soft light cotton peacoat there (Mossimo again) for about $30 and it's lasted for a long time & gets better as it wears. honestly. Also trouser socks, for work, and tights, and they have a lot of fun socks too if that's your thing.

Totes umbrellas. I always lose umbrellas. Some of the Boots botanicals stuff in the beauty aisle is nice.
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Target is coming up on their mega-after-christmas clearance on toys, which also includes "adult collectibles", camping stuff, air hockey/ping pong tables/etc. So if you're into any of those things, you might want to stop in soon.
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Oh for god's sake, buy the Wii! You will make yourself crazy trying to spend it wisely, plus you're just going to blow your next job bonus on the Wii because you'll still want it.

If you buy an umbrella, pots, or socks with that gift card, I will never buy you a drink again.*

* I do not actually know the OP. I'm just sayin'.
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Response by poster: thanks for the great ideas everyone! monkeygenius, kerning and others--thank you for the recommendations about bedding and the DS Lite. i actually got my mom a ds lite a couple of years ago--she likes the brain games, which is what i would do. i don't think she uses it much anymore so i might test hers out before getting my own.

nax--i'm not quite drooling over the wii but i just played it at someone's house for the first time and it was so much fun! i can wait a little longer to get it. but thank you for the push. if i wanted a wii really bad your message would have been my justification for buying it : ).

what i'll probably buy right now: sheets and SHOES. they have a couple of new designer-y pairs that will take me through spring/summer.

A Terrible Llama--i *love* indoor pants! i'm assuming you're talking about lounge pants. i still have a pair i got from target god knows how long ago, they're so comfortable without being schlumpy.

otherwise, mowtown, you may be right--i might hold onto the rest of my card and see what else they bring out--i might want to get an ice cream maker in the summer, or a pretty sundress. i always see an item of clothing i adore when i have the least amount of money so the gift card will come in handy.

but, if anyone has more ideas please share!
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i'm assuming you're talking about lounge pants.

Exactly! I don't wear them outside the house...that's a slippery slope that leads right into Not Giving a Crap Anymore Valley (the ones I'm wearing now are purple "velvet").
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I wanted a Target gift card for Christmas and I didn't get one... so I bought myself a bunch of stuff anyway. I spent just over $100 on some new outfits. I actually found jeans that fit and were long enough. I got multiple cute tops and a sweater. Plus shoes and colorful socks and two very posh looking belts that I've already been complimented on. Just so you know all that you can get for just a fraction of your gift card total.
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