How do I easily convert an ASP.Net 2.0 website to plain html?
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Is it possible to use Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition to create a simple website and to then easily convert the site to plain html?

I have to put together a simple website, about 20 pages of static content. I would like to use Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition as it has lots of neat functionality that will allow me to build and amend the site quickly e.g. sitemap, masterpages, navigation controls etc.

How would I then go about automating the process of exporting the site to a static version (by this I mean plain HTML) i.e. one that will function on my webhost?

To clarify I will not be using any of the fancy .net functionality or controls. So no logins, calenders, datagrids, database etc. The thing wont even have a radiobutton!

Oh and if you think this is a dumb idea please tell me.
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Just don't make the pages .aspx. Right click on your project, click add new file (or whatever it is) and add a html file. Create a stylesheets directory and an images directory, keep resources in there respectively. And as you said before don't use any fancy .net controls.

There's some sort of deployment option in web projects that basically just copies files to a location which I think can be a ftp site, or share on a network.
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I'd try using HTTrack, i use it to make static HTML copies of dynamic websites, it just converts all the dynamic content into flat HTML files, and then fixes all the navigation automatically.

Might be worth a try
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I have decided to switch hosts so as to avoid what would become a messy solution, easier in the long term.

Sorry I have not been tell you both what would have worked.
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