Are ski lift ticket vouchers legit?
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What's the deal with cheap and abundant ski lift ticket vouchers?

Going to Stowe in Vermont next week. Lift tickets usually sell for $84/day, or $223 for a 3-day pass. All over eBay, Craigslist, etc there are "vouchers" for sale, offering $99 three-day passes. The vouchers are listed at about $20-$25, so all in all this is about a 50% discount.

What's the deal? Where are these vouchers coming from? Why are there so many of them? The fact that they are so abundant leads me to think that it's (a) a scam or (b) Stowe is making them freely/easily available and people in the know are turning it into a money making opportunity.
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That's really odd. I live in Vermont and ski at Sugarbush, but once in a while at Stowe. They NEVER give discounts. But maybe because of the bad economy and the huge unfinished hotel they need to pay for they are giving discounts? Don't know, but my first guess is scam.
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Call Stowe (1-800-253-4754) and ask if they're legit?

(You might even get a special offer.)
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Found the answer... the vouchers are offered in an advertisement in a ski magazine. People must have bought the magazine to sell the voucher inside. Confirmed with Stowe!
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