Is apple peal safe to eat?
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Whenever I buy apples I notice that they are covered in a white wax-like substance easily noticeable if you scratch the apple with a knife. What is it and is it safe to eat apples un-pealed?
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As far as I know, it is just wax. The apples that I buy off season at the grocery store have wax on them to help them keep longer.
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Apple waxing.
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Stores do wax their fruit, but apples also make their own waxy coating, which is why they've always been such great winter staples.

Also, here is a PR piece explaining why Wax Is Great. I don't know how reliable it is, but it's interesting.
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Apple Lustr.
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Wash your apples with vinegar. You should probably be more concerned with what you can't see (bacteria) than what you can see (wax).
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make your own vegetable wash
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Along the lines of MonkeyToes' response--(non-organic) apples are some of the more heavily pesticided produce out there, so if you want to worry, worry about that instead.
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Buy organic. No unnatural wax.
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