Is apple peal safe to eat?
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Whenever I buy apples I notice that they are covered in a white wax-like substance easily noticeable if you scratch the apple with a knife. What is it and is it safe to eat apples un-pealed?
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As far as I know, it is just wax. The apples that I buy off season at the grocery store have wax on them to help them keep longer.
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Apple waxing.
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The bottom of this FDA page explains a little about fruit wax coatings.
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Stores do wax their fruit, but apples also make their own waxy coating, which is why they've always been such great winter staples.

Also, here is a PR piece explaining why Wax Is Great. I don't know how reliable it is, but it's interesting.
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Apple Lustr.
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Wash your apples with vinegar. You should probably be more concerned with what you can't see (bacteria) than what you can see (wax).
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make your own vegetable wash
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Along the lines of MonkeyToes' response--(non-organic) apples are some of the more heavily pesticided produce out there, so if you want to worry, worry about that instead.
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Buy organic. No unnatural wax.
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Buy organic. No unnatural wax.

There's nothing unnatural about Carnauba wax. Due to the way organic products are certified it's entirely possible that fruits could be legitimately labeled organic and still be coated with wax.
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