Do I have to pay US social security if I don't live in the US, although my LLC is US?
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Do i have to pay social security if I have a working US LLC but am not a US citizen and am not resident in the US?

I used to live in the US, started a small business that allows self and family to live somewhere else.

The company has no employees in the US; it uses contract workers.

I pay social security in my new country and will probably live here permanently.

Am I obliged to pay social security?
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Social Security is levied against the income paid out to your employees. You withhold it for those employees. The employees have to pay it if they live in the US. If they aren't US citizens and don't live there, they don't need to pay FICA.

(Note: Tax advice from the internets is worth the paper it's printed on. Talk to an advisor.)
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