What kind of audio gear does Dr. House have in his office?
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HighEndAudioAndTVShowFilter: What kind of stereo system (speakers/amp/record player) does Dr. House have in his office?

Dr. House has some very interesting looking tall, skinny speakers in his office. Also, his record player is also featured prominently in several episodes.

I am curious as to the makes/models of his audio gear and as to whether this is actually high-end audiophile equipment or if it just fancy looking Sony/Kenwood/consumer-grade gear.

I tried googling this, but of course I get a lot of hits related to the "Speaker of the House".
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Some potentially useful screenshots:Sorry, I'm not enough of an audiophile to identify them myself, but this may help others who aren't House addicts.
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A quick Googling turned up this article...
which mentions his Sota turntable...
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The turntable is by SOTA as listed in the credits.
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The unknown audio component looks like a combo VHS-DVD player (and, if so, is probably not audiophile quality gear). I don't recognize the speakers. If that's a brand name over the bass port on the bottom, it has to be something short (and hopefully not "Bose").

The speakers in House's apartment are Duevel's. Very nice.
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They look like Piega to me.
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@earbucket, someone on an Audiogon thread also said Piega. I looked through the Piega website (and even the big PDF of their discontinued products) but I didn't see anything very similar.
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Response by poster: @paulg, I did the same thing and didn't see the same speakers, although those Piegas are pretty hot looking.
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