Old sci-fi stumpers. Can you identify the writer/story?
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Old sci-fi stumpers. Can you identify the writer/story? [more inside]

1. Humans don't have sex together but have recreational sex with flowers,
which collect semen and inseminate women

2. Arachnoid aliens arrive on the earth, looking for something - because
they have exhausted their local supplies of mammalian creatures in whom
to deposit their eggs

They are definitely from before 1980. Thanks!
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I know a story similar to #2, but the story starts with the aliens having been here a while. Using us as hosts has given them some great offspring. They treat us as pets, and they give us sterile eggs to suck, which prolongs our lives. It's a not-quite symbiotic relationship. Is that it?
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I have read the first one. In French. Early 70s. American author. Very sexy story.
The title that comes to my mind is Les pollinisateurs d'Eden, but I don't find it in Google nor in the Présence du futur collection where I would think it was published.

As far as I remember, sex with flowers was highly pleasant but not really recreational: human were used by flowers as pollinators.

Yes, pollinator! Here you are: The Pollinators of Eden by John Boyd. Yesss!
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I think adipocere is thinking of Octavia Butler's Blood Child.
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Yup, that's definately what adipocere is thinking of, a probably No. 2 as well - if not then it's still worth a read.
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Yes, I was deliberately avoiding the name so I wouldn't invoke my somewhat confusing antipathy for everything of Butler's I've read. It might be No. 2, although Butler's aliens are more ... caterpillar-like than arachnid.
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The Butler is not #2 - the arachnid story, whatever it is, definitely predates the Butler story and is definitely not about caterpillars.
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Tiptree perhaps? Love is the Plan was spiders wasn't it?
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FWIW I thought of the creatures in Bloodchild as more beetle-larvae like.
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