How can I unite two different music collections (with some duplicates) for itunes?
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I have about 73GB worth of music in iTunes. The "my music" folder on my HDD has about 85GB of music in it. I want to identify the music that's NOT in iTunes so I can either delete it, or organize it and import it into iTunes. Advice? I'm using WinXP.
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If you just drag your music folder over to iTunes (this works on the Mac, I'm assuming it works this way on Windows as well- or, use your import method of choice), it ought to only import the stuff that's not already in there.
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In the "Advanced" settings (not 100% sure, don't have iTunes at work) you can specify the location of the iTunes library. If you change it to where you want it to be, then copy your library to there, (.xml file and all) it should just work, yes?
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Capn, did you intend that to be an answer to this question?
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Maybe import it anyways, then use a Smart Playlist to pull up the recently added items?
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Make sure that you have "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" checked under Preferences->Advanced. Then choose Advanced->Consolidate Library.

This will tell iTunes to move all the music it knows about to its folder. Then search for mp3s that aren't in this folder.

Caveats: I'm on a mac and I'm not certain that it will move the files instead of copying them. If I'm wrong, then all you'll have done is created another copy of every song that iTunes knows about. If that happens I suppose you could delete the new copies, add every mp3 on your hard disk to iTunes, verify that the number of mp3s on your hard disk has doubled, then delete every mp3 that isn't in iTunes.
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Capn, did you intend that to be an answer to this question?
erm... yes. Sorry. iTunes! iTunes! iTunes!
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I would just drag your my music folder into your iTunes window and then sort your library by "date added". Anything new will be at the top of the heap.
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OK, I'll try that. Thanks all.
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