What guitar tab software can output in good-quality PDF or postscript?
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Guitar Tablature Software: I'm looking for pro stuff I could actually use to publish with. I'm thinking PostScript or PDF output is therefore a must. It's gotta do the rhythm-notated tab. Is this pretty much Sibelius vs Finale, or are there other options?
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These offer a very powerful set of tools. I find the UI extremely quiry though, and in general, the software suffers from featuritis. On the other hand, it's cheap and clearly a labor of love, so I like it. For pro use, I suspect that the interface quirks would interfere with production-speed requirements.

But lead-sheet to tab, with chord diagrams, for any arbitrary instrument, has made this very helpful for playing with a mixed bag of musicians, some readers, some not.
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I think that I've suggested this before, perhaps in the blue. Anyawy, you could try out The Power Tab Editor (it's free) with the Cutewriter PDF plug-in (it's free too). Here's a sample I did really quick. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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