Nipo-Brasileiro Mixtape
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Help me capture the sound that emerges from the countless contacts between Brazil and Japan. I know about artists like Ganga Zumba, Joe Hirata and Tigarah but I'm looking for other recordings to put on a mix for a friend, including field recordings of the Asakusa Carnival or Ryukyu Koku Matsuri Daiko. Have any suggestions?
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It's bashed on a tired musical cliche, but Orlann Divo's "Samba no Japão" really swings.
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bashed based

Oh yeah...

Cornelius - Aquarela do Brazil
Kahimi Karie - Take it Easy My Brother Charlie (covering Jorge Ben)
Cesária Évora + Caetano Veloso with Ryuichi Sakamoto - E Preciso Perdoar
Sakamoto has done a lot of Brazilian music. His work in Morelenbaum² might be a place to start.
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Response by poster: Here's something. A Brazilian remake of the numa numa song "Dragostea din tei" by O-Zone, which was then translated into Japanese. Anyone know the story behind this?
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Here's two more:

Nara Leão's "Menina de Hiroshima"--again with the musical cliches, although it's subtler this time.

Smokey & Miho - The Two EPs has versions of Baden Powell tunes as well as their own bossa nova-inspired songs.
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