Turn my hard tickets into E-tickets, please?
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Have ticketmaster hard tickets, need to get them to a friend before tomorrow night. Can I turn them into e-tickets somehow?

Bought tickets for a show that I now can't go to, some 100 miles away. Have a friend local to show who can use tickets, but no way to get tickets to him inexpensively before show tomorrow. Is there a way to turn Ticketmaster hard tickets into e-tickets? Can I just scan a copy and email it to him? The barcode seems to be the important part.
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Best answer: If you tell Ticketmaster that they were conveniently lost in the mail, then they will generally arrange for new tickets to be printed and waiting at the box office, voiding the barcode on your current tickets. When I had tickets for a friend (that genuinely never arrived) replaced in this manner, they told me to give her a photocopy of my license and credit card (fun bits blacked out) to bring to the box office. It worked fine for her.
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Can I just scan a copy and email it to him? The barcode seems to be the important part.

There are also some venues that take Ticketmaster tickets but don't have scanners at the door; they still rip them. Given the circumstances, I'd try what thejoshu says.
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Best answer: You should be able to call and have them converted to will-call. converting to etickets is possible but rarely do the Ticketmaster reps do this. Hopefully they will let you put in will call in someone else's name.

Barcode scan won't be good enough.

Fedex can get them there in time.
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Response by poster: tickets converted to will-call with a minimum of fuss. Thanks everybody.
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Sorry, but if the tickets were bought in your name, how will your friend pick them up at will call. I have a lot of experience with this here in Canada and Ticketbastard are sticklers for that.
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Response by poster: ticketmaster rep I called said he transferred the tickets to will call under the name of my friend. All he needs are the order number for the tickets, his picture ID, and a scan of the credit card I charged the tickets to. I emailed him the order number and a scan of the card with all but the last 4 blacked out. The rep seemed sure this would work fine.
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