I can't find liverwurst anymore!
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Where can I score some old fashioned liverwurst in the Pacific Northwest? There always used to be rolls of liverwurst next to the lunch meats, but no more. And Amazon no longer carries Mother Goose Liverwurst; there's a "unknown when again available" note. Mail order is fine, if it's a reliable source. (And I really don't want to make it myself; I just want to smear it on bread.)
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Bavarian Meats in the Pike Place Market has some excellent liverwurst for sale. It's an awesome German deli, I highly recommend it!
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Your profile doesn't say exactly where you are. In the Portland area, there's Original Bavarian Sausage in Tigard. Their products link indicates they have it (as Leberwurst).
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In southeast PDX there is Edelweiss. They have so many germanic meats, I'd be shocked if they didn't have liverwurst.

In Seattle, Bavarian Meats has been mentioned, there is also a german shop near the U District. I think its called the Continental Store on Roosevelt, just a little north of 50th St.
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2nding Edelweiss in Portland, but i'm unsure if they do mail order or not. If you go, certainly pick up their home-made mustard there...

I've only driven through a couple times, but i'd be shocked if there wasn't a place to get decent liverwurst in Leavenworth.
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If you want grocery store/deli convenience, Boars Head liverwurst is better than those rolls of Oscar Meyer liverwurst from the lunchmeat section, although correspondingly pricier.

For Willamette Valleyites, I'm pretty sure Mount Angel Sausage Company used to have it, although their Web page now does not mention.
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furnace.heart, Levanworth, WA is a complete fabrication created to attract tourists. They may have liverwurst, but I wouldn't count on it being anything special
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