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What do I wear to my coworker's non-work baby shower?

One of my work friends is pregnant (yay!) and is having a shower. This will be my first shower outside of work. I'm all set with a cute gift, but I have no idea what I'm supposed to wear. I'm not sure if it's a surprise or not (a third party invited me, but it's at her house), so I can't just ask her.

It's a relatively small shower, women only, in her home. She's generally a pretty casual person. I was initially planning to wear jeans and a nice top, but then I started googling and found all sorts of contradictory advice. Weatherwise, it's going to be cold and potentially snowy.

Any other baby-shower etiquette tips or advice would be very much appreciated as well!
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All of the baby showers I've been too have been in the casual-to-somewhat-dressy range. If you're fretting about it, you could always call and ask the hostess (or whoever is the RSVP contact person).
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…but I have no idea what I'm supposed to wear.

um, why wouldn't you just wear what you'd normally wear to anyone else's baby shower?
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Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. You won't be the focus anyway, so don't worry about it.
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Best answer: Because, violetk, she said that she'd never been to a shower outside of work, so she has no frame of reference.

I would wear slacks and a nice top to a baby shower. I think jeans would only be acceptable if they were the dressier trouser style. Still, as a general rule, I find it's better to be a bit overdressed than to be underdressed.
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Best answer: "I used to like charmcityblues, but I can't believe she wore *that* outfit to Sarah's baby shower. I don't think I can be friends with her anymore."

Yeah, you're overthinking it.
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Jeans and a nice top sounds totally appropriate. You would fit in at every baby shower *I've* been to. My only tip would be to have some classy jewelry and nice shoes if you're on the more casual end of the spectrum.
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I live in Florida, but if I had to go to a baby shower this weekend up north I'd probably wear dark jeans or pants, ballet flats, and a "fancy" sweater like a cowl neck. It really depends on the shower - if it's at a spa or a nice restaurant then looking a little frillier is in order, but since it's at the woman's house, I'm guessing it is a relatively low-key affair. You will look fine, and everyone will only be looking at the pregnant lady, anyway.
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Best answer: Wear the same thing you would wear if:

You were going to meet your mom for lunch.
You were going to church with your next door neighbor.
You were going over to your prospective parent-in-laws for backyard barbecue.

That is to say, something in the range between jeans and a cocktail dress. Something casual but with good accessories (scarf, shoes, jewelry, purse.)
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Best answer: Black pants would be super safe. Dark (newish) dressy-ish jeans would probably be fine. A nice sweater (not pilled) and either some jewelry or nice shoes, and socks without holes.

Why not call the hostess, have a little conversation - ask if it's a surprise, if you can pick something up the day of (ice? ice cream?) and casually ask what kind of clothes folks will be wearing.
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I agree that if you are going to wear jeans, they should be dressy. Otherwise, a nice trouser with a pretty top would be perfect. And I don't think you are silly for asking this question.

Secret Life of Gravy has it nailed.
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Having recently found myself startlingly underdressed for a bridal shower (hey, I thought I looked nice when I left the house!), I would suggest trousers, not jeans, and the previously mentioned Nice Top.

Keep in mind that accessories doll up a simple outfit, if you're comfortable with them. A scarf and a great pair of shoes (or handsome boots, since it's cold where you are) can make a plain top and trousers look quite chic.
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About the only thing I don't do for baby showers is wear all black. It seems somehow unfestive.

In general, I find baby shower clothes range from jeans and nice tops to skirts and tops or casual dresses. Jeans and a top is on the lowish end of that. If you don't want any chance of appearing underdressed, I'd move up to slacks.
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Response by poster: I wore jeans and a nice top. So did everyone else. It was fun.

Thanks for the helpful advice!
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