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Looking for ideas for post-natal exercise.

Bubba is approaching 4 months and, whilst I've tried to keep active, there's still some weight to be shed (particularly round the tummy). I'm breastfeeding so I don't want to do anything drastic with diet or exercise but am looking for some ideas for simple things to include into my lifestyle to help shed some pounds and build some muscle.

I'd prefer things that are free/cheap/money-saving (especially as we're down to a single income at the moment). Activities that can either take place in the home (brrrr, it's cold out) would also be good, or at least ones you can tote the babe around with (swimming is out for that reason, as she'd too young for creche - and you have to pay, double negative). For example, these are the things I've been doing so far:

- 20 minutes vigorous housework a day (a proper job with bending and stretching, not just waving a duster around)

- a home-cooked evening meal, requiring a brisk daily walk to the shops and carrying the groceries home.

- where practical, carrying bubba in a sling, rather than use the buggy.

I was thinking about using one of those exercise DVDs (Davina McCall, maybe?) but have never really been into exercise for exercise's sake and would much prefer something that serves a double purpose (i.e does something useful and keeps me fit). Bonus points for things which include bubba in some meaningful way.

Any ideas?
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Things that I did (and am still doing as my empty baby house is a stubborn one):

*whenever possible sitting and bouncing on a yoga/crunch ball instead of a chair.
*at the library there are tons of those silly mama/baby exercise dvds. I like them not necessarily for their brilliance, but because it got me moving for 20 extra minutes and gave baby a change of scenery in terms of activity that he found hilarious (this is where the double purpose comes in, entertaining baby). I don't remotely worry about following them exactly, it's enough just to move around with the babe for the duration.
*before bed yoga (I just work on poses from books and dvds)--which also helped to calm down my before bed dread of waking a million times to nurse.
*if your house has stairs, you can work up a serious panting sweat by doing stairs reps with the baby in the sling. I would usually put the stereo on and make myself do it for as many songs as I had the will for (this put my baby to sleep). Alternately, I would make myself run one thing up and down at a time as I was cleaning instead of piling everything in a basket and taking one trip.

Have a good time! And putting my lactation consultant hat on, when and if you decide to make any dietary changes be sure to make a visit to your healthcare provider and see if you can get a nutritionist's referral (or the UK healthcare system equivalent). Of all the women I've worked with, the ones who've been most successful juggling weight loss and lactation are the ones who've gone the formal route.
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  1. Lie on floor.
  2. Hold baby on chest.
  3. Whee! Look how high baby is!
  4. And again! You didn't expect that, did you?
Repeat until tired. Sleep on floor.
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Dancing, lots of dancing, with and without the babe in arms.
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Lay on your back with knees bent, together and lower part of your legs 45 degrees to floor. Flex your feet creating a small ledge for the baby's bottom. Place the baby tummy side down on your calves, hold his hands on each side of your legs. You are now facing each other. Lift your feet slowly raising baby's bottom toward ceiling. Make funny noises and faces at baby. You can also do crunches and rock your legs side to side. Basically just move your legs around while baby is laughing.

My son loved all the mommy time we had together exercising and he thought it was for him!
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