Why am I having pressure in part of my face?
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Why do I have a constant feeling of pressure on one part of my face? For months or even a year I have felt an almost constant feeling of pressure on the left side of my face around my cheek. It's sort of like I'm always squinting just a little bit and I can't stop doing it, like the muscle won't un-clench or something.

Possible explanations I have thought of:

- I grind my teeth at night. The dentist has said there could be nerve damage due to pushing a tooth upwards into a nerve. But steady use of a night guard hasn't done much to help.

- I nearly always sleep on my side with the part of my face that has the problem pushed against the pillow. Would that do it?

- My contacts might be the wrong prescription? I get pretty bad eye strain when I look at a monitor too much but otherwise I don't have problems.

- Sometimes I am stressed out in general. Who isn't?

Anybody else having this? It's annoying!
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beginning of Bells Palsy?
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Go to the doctor.
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I vote sinus. Mine have been killing me for days...

Also, see a doctor.
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Giving it a tug I felt a *big* pressure change in my sinus, and pulled slowly. Out came what has to be the filthiest thing from my head. Two and a half inches long, dark green/brown and stained with a little blood on the end, it was close to the consistency of a pencil eraser in parts, moving to the consistency of jello at one end.

Then came the draining. Gack. What looked like 2 tablespoons of pus ran from my nose, which honestly made me feel physically ill. I like squeezing a zit as much as the next person, but this was just a bit much.

From a discussion about Patrick Volkerding and the doctor shopping that saved his life.
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Do not use the internet for diagnosis of mysterious illnesses or injuries! Sheesh. Go see a doctor. Like now
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My aunt had a similar thing that turned out to be a perpetually pinched nerve.

Off to the doctor with you.
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