Completely stuck with Cydia +
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Completely stuck with Cydia + (after many tries and much googling).

I'm clearly missing something I need to do. I've googled so much and I have asked in more specialized forums, and I've checked all my steps many times over. Much gratitude if anybody here can help me.

Here's my story:
New iPhone 3G on U.S. AT&T, running 2.2. (My first iPhone, and my first time syncing an iPhone or iPod with iTunes, so there should be no old stuff gumming up the works.)

Jailbreaking today with Quickpwn was totally simple; wifi & cell radio & everything else still working just as before. Adding "" to my Cydia sources was simple, and now that is listed as the only item under "Entered by User" in my Sources.

But when I tap on that source, what I see is a blank screen with just the "Sources" button at the top of the screen (the button that returns me to the list of Sources when I click it). And when I look in Sections > Utilities, there are 85 Utilities listed but Installous isn't one of them.

What am I missing? How do I see/access Installous, in order to install it?

I've tried all the common solutions I've found by googling:
- Several times I've restarted the iPhone.
- Several times I've deleted and re-added "" as a source (this has never resulted in anything but a blank screen when I click on it in my list of Sources).
- I haven't installed anything else at all from Cydia, so I don't think my issue is a need to uninstall the special Safari hack/plugin everyone warns about deleting -- correct me if I'm wrong?
- I have successfully installed several free apps from the app store, both before and after jailbreaking, and I have the most current version of iTunes.
- I've even waited 12+ hours since I first tried all this, then deleted and re-added "" again, in case this was a temporary network issue at

(In case this is relevant: Cydia reports that there is one "Essential Upgrade" available, for Cydia Installer from Telesphoreo. After many tries I haven't been able to complete this upgrade [it always starts well but then quits at a low percentage of completion, like under 10%]. I have a strong wifi & 3G connection so I don't think it's an issue on my end -- maybe an unrelated network issue at Telesphoreo?)
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You know what.... I figured out what I missed. I'll post in case it helps anybody else, even though my mistake is probably rare.

What I had wrong was my expectation -- based on outdated instructions that I happened to read first and didn't see specifically contradicted elsewhere -- that Installous would end up in the Utilities directory inside Cydia. As of the current version it actually ends up in its own special newly-created directory called Inside that new directory you just tap, be patient as it dl's the info, then tap install at the top of the screen.

When I try to install I am getting a timeout error (it's starting, then not fully completing), but at least now I know it worked and I can just try to install again later.
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