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I'm looking for movies that prominently feature newspapers in their plot, Like that Jim Belushi movie whatever it was called. or even just in certain scenes like the beginning of Blade Runner and the USA Today from back to the future.
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Citizen Kane.
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There's always The Paper.
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Do movies about reporters getting a story count?

If so, see the Fletch movies.
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I think the Fugitive and Minority Report both have scenes where a passenger recognizes Our (Respective) Heroes from their photos in the newspaper. Although the latter is a "space-age" digital newspaper. I dunno if those examples are too brief, and I'm sure there are tons of similar instances.

All the Presidents' Men? And I haven't seen it, but there's the '74 Wilder-Lemmon-Mathau film, The Front Page.
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Does All the President's Men count? Zodiac? If you're ok with TV, then Season 5 of The Wire.
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Best answer: Here's a good start:

Newspaper Movies

Great Newspaper Movies

Journalists In The Movies
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. This is great info!
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One other thing.....NOIR CITY 7 is coming up in San Francisco Jan. 23 - Feb 1. The theme this year is Newspaper Noir. This classic film noir festival is always incredible. They have a good list of newspaper-themed film noir flicks at the NOIR CITY site.
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Absence of Malice
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Since somebody else already mentioned a TV show, Early Edition.
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Roman Holiday
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Deserving of special mention for actually containing songs about Pulitzer and Hearst: Newsies
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"He Said, She Said" and "Sleepless in Seattle." (Meg Ryan's character is a reporter at The Baltimore Sun.)
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How about "The Hudsucker Proxy" ?
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His Girl Friday and the various permutations of it.
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Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole is a fantastic take on the whole media circus thing from the early 50s.
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YES! Newsies! Christian Bale before anyone knew who he was, and speaking in a NY accent to boot. One of the best musicals ever. Also:

The Pelican Brief

I Love Trouble
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Did you say it had to be a good movie? What about "Perfect", starring John Travolta as a Rolling Stones reporter facing profound ethical dilemmas? Sheer unintentional hilarity
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Call Northside 777 (1948) with Jimmy Stewart.

From imdb's plot summary: "Chicago reporter P.J. McNeal re-opens a ten year old murder case."

Saw this years ago. I remember the climax involves a picture from front-page of the paper and using something like a fax machine (in 1948!) to get it to a courtroom in time.
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"While the City Sleeps" - Nasty Fritz Lang serial killer movie

"Blessed Event" - -Early talkie with Lee Tracy as a gossip columnist

"Sweet Smell of Success" - Clifford Odetts used a purple typewriter ribbon to write the screenplay of a thinly disguised Walter Winchell type columnist (at his peak, Winchell was as powerful as Oprah and as mean as Perez Hilton). Burt Lancaster plays J.J. Hunsucker (sp), the columnist who says, "I love this cesspool of a city" (1950s NYC, filmed on location). Tony Curtis plays Sidney ("avidly, avidly") Falco the publicist. The Citizen Kane of columnist movies.

"Park Row" - Samuel Fuller pulp film about the NYC version of Fleet Street
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The Harry Potter series has quite a few plotlines relying heavily on newspapers (mainly The Daily Prophet and the tabloid The Quibbler). I don't remember how heavily those are drawn upon in the movies as opposed to the books, but I'm sure they're there.
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The Day The Earth Caught Fire has a reporter character and was part-filmed in an actual newspaper office (The Express).

There's a famous scene towards the end with two different headlines set up for the next day's edition - 'Earth Saved!' / 'Earth Doomed!' - waiting for the result of the last attempt to rescue the planet
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